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Cable and Cotton lights review

When Cable and Cotton offered to send us a set of their stunning light strings, we couldn't wait to choose from their lovely selection of colours. You can order one of their pre-selected colour sets (as we did) or fully customise your own string of 20, 35 or 50 lights (at no extra cost as far as I could see).

I initially thought I was choosing for T's room as she just moved into her room a few months after she was born without it being re-decorated in any way for her so I thought these lights would add a nice touch. So I picked the colour with her in mind. We chose 'marshmallow' which is a selection of light pink, dark pink, white, cream and grey balls.

When they arrived, she certainly took an interest in them using one of the few words she knows saying 'ball' 'ball' over and over as she tried to get hold of the pretty balls that surround the lights.

They arrive as a light string and balls separately (hence the ability to purchase a fully customisable set) and the (initially daunting) job of putting them together was up to me.

They come with an instruction sheet and I am very glad that I did read the instructions first. Basically you just find the pre-cut hole and slot on each ball and push each light bulb into it. The instructions explain that you do need to push with quite a lot of force and if the balls get crumpled then by pulling the cable once the light is in will straighten them out again.

Sure enough the first few really crumpled badly but with a bit of pulling and wriggling were soon looking fabulous again.

Now to decide where to put them...I tried a couple of areas in T's room...

But then decided to put them in my own bedroom where they make a real centrepiece around the headboard.

I particularly loved the fact that there was a generous amount of 'cable' between each light and also to reach the plug socket with. I really adored the look of the cotton balls and the gorgeous colours they came in. My only suggestion for improvement would be to possibly send a spare ball or two just in case any got crumpled beyond repair as the lights are inserted. Thankfully all mine were ok but I did feel a bit nervous putting them on knowing that there were no spares if one went 'wrong'.

Having said that, the speedy delivery, the company ethics and the great customer service all give me the impression that if there was a problem, then they would be very keen to help sort it out.

Disclosure: We were sent a set of lights of our choice free of charge from Cable and Cotton for the purposes of this review. We chose 20 light string set in the Marshmallow colour scheme (which would have cost £22.95 plus postage).


  1. beautiful and delicate lighting, i really love ours. Wherever we have them, they make that area. they look lovely across your bed x

    1. thanks Gifts from the Pirates. They are lovely lights aren't they. We have now got rid of our old bedside lamp and are using these for lighting instead as they look so pretty. x


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