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T at 16 months - first words

Today T turned 16 months old. Instead of a baby record book, we have found it easier to keep a note of her milestones on here. So this month here's what she has been doing:

The conspiracy clip was discovered and so has been replaced with a hair band which sometimes stays in and sometimes doesn't.

We have taken her swimming a bit more often recently and she seems to recognise the word swimming and responds with saying 'plash plash' (splash splash). Not quite as funny as J word for swimming when he was that age. He used to run over making a splashing motion with his arms and saying in an excited voice "women, women" (swimming without the s or g ie "wimmin").

Here are some of the words she says most often. She still doesn't say many words so these are the main ones really.

She walks confidently now - which is incredible as only a few months ago she had taken her first steps.

And she still seems to have a shoe fetish - wanting to wear her shoes or at least carry them around all the time!

If you give her some food and warn it is hot she knows to blow on it which is really very cute.

She is generally more able to join in with activities now - so when we go to the park or playground she wants to be joining in with going on the slide and swings and generally being part of the action.

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