> The Beesley Buzz: So what do we think of the new Doctor?

So what do we think of the new Doctor?

I know I go through this every time when a new doctor is announced on Doctor Who, but this time, I really mean it. I really don't think anyone can be as good as Matt Smith.

I know, I know... I said the same after Christopher Ecclestone and then again after David Tennant and I soon grew to love each new doctor and couldn't imagine it being anyone else playing the part.

But Matt Smith really has become my favourite doctor. Or should I say our favourite doctor as the kids feel the same way too!

I guess you'll have to watch this space to see if Peter Capaldi can win us over. We have nothing against the guy, but he just isn't our much loved Matt Smith.

My own Doctor and Rory with their very own home-made TARDIS


  1. I'm apprehensive. I think Peter Capaldi is great, and I love the idea of an older doctor again, but I like lesser known actors. And I'd hoped for a non-white Doctor for a change.

    Also, when Christopher Eccleston was announced, I thought that was great but in retrospect he was only okay. I thought David Tennant was a rubbish choice, and he was brilliant. I thought "who?" for Matt Smith, and he has been utterly wonderful. So if I think Peter Capaldi will be okay, that might mean he'll just be meh... ;-)

    My eldest loves Matt Smith, but David Tennant is her doctor and the one she loves best. Youngest's is probably Matt Smith but she's so easy going she doesn't have "her doctor" as such. Mine is Tom Baker but Matt Smith has been brilliant. Fingers crossed for Peter Capaldi!

    Love your Tardis! :-)

    1. We would love to see a non-white doctor too! Thanks for your thoughts - I think it is so true about which one you see as 'your' doctor and for us I think it is matt smith - but I guess only time will tell. x


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