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Competition: Craft Your Dream Car: #DreamCarCraft

D's entry into the #DreamCarCraft competition
When we spotted this 'Craft your dream car' competition over on Carcraft, I just knew it was something the children would LOVE to get involved in!

Seven year old D put his thinking cap on and came up with his dream car which was a time-travelling car (hence the Viking helmet), which can travel on water as well as in the air using it's rocket boost packs at the back, and when driving on roads it would speed along on hundreds of balls as wheels. There is a solar power panel at the front and a big fuel tank at the back for extra fuel when needed. There are even seat belts to keep you safe. It has a colourful steering wheel and is decorated with pictures of some of his fave moshi characters!

So if your children have got their own ideas about what their dream car would be, then get them busy this summer drawing, colouring, gluing and crafting their dream car and then tweet the photo of your child's creation to @Carcraft with the hashtag #DreamCarCraft.

It is open to all (not just bloggers) and you could win a £50 Amazon voucher!

Be quick though - the competition closes on 16th August 2013.

For full details see the Carcraft website here.

Hope you have as much fun crafting your dream car as we did!

Disclosure: We were given a small incentive to publicise this competition. But all our opinions are honest and we have had great fun taking part. 


  1. This is an awesome creation - don't you just love it when the kids make stuff!! Wishing D many hours of happy play x

    1. thanks Izzie - D will be pleased to hear that you like it. Yes - kids really do have the most amazing imaginations don't they! xxx


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