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Draw with me linky - Summer theme

Draw With Me – This Mummy Loves

Just spotted this really lovely new linky over at This Mummy Loves and I adore the fact that it has been inspired by her daughter and the drawings that she does. One of the things we have tried to do since starting this blog a year ago is to make it a family effort and that is why I love the idea of this linky so much.

My boys love to draw too and they also love getting involved in the blog. They always feel so pleased if we ever share any of their drawings or crafts on our blog or if we write blog posts about them.

This months theme for the linky is 'Summer' and there is even going to be a prize for someone picked at random, which again is a lovely idea because all children's drawings are special and children are of different ages and abilities so it really is the fairest way for something like this to pick one randomly.

So here is a summery picture that D, aged 7 has drawn. He is often drawing 'sketch' style black and white pictures inspired by comic style books like Captain Underpants, so he has drawn himself eating an ice cream.

Although it is simple, we thought it was kinda cute!

And J, aged 9 has also been influenced by the comic-style black and white sketch idea and has simply chosen to draw an ice-cream as that is what makes him think of 'summer'.

We have stuck to the same couple of linky's that we take part in for so long, we thought it was time for us to move out of our comfort zone and join in with this one too!


  1. Oh I really LOVE these!! They are awesome!! I'm so pleased that you decided to join in with us :O)

    Hmmm I could just eat an ice cream now ;)

    Well done D & J xx

  2. Aww those are fab, very talented x


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