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We've been playing with Tomodachi Life and have got just a little bit addicted!

As Nintendo Bloggers we were sent a game code for Tomodachi Life for Nintendo 3DS. Like all 3DS games, it is also compatible with the Nintendo 2DS console too. It is a game based on making Mii-style characters who you then look after, feed, play games with and so on. You can find out more about when we had fun making Mii's here.

Ten year old J has been playing it the longest and was keen to write his own review, then I'll give you my thoughts after:

Tomodachi life is AWESOME!!!

First you name your island.
I named mine moshimo island because I love moshi monsters and this sounds very moshi-like. 
Then you create mii's and give them a voice and a personality.
You can then feed them, give them advice and buy stuff for them.
They have different likes and dislikes.
You can level up your people on your island. 
When you level someone up you can choose to give them: pocket money out of your own money, an item, a phrase, a new room or a type of song.
You can unlock songs and your characters can sing solo or in a group.

I enjoy doing everything on Tomodachi Life. 

So that's what J thought. Then it was my turn to look around this little world filled with familiar looking mii's.

The reason they all looked so familiar is because J had created them based on people we know.

Here's Gran based on real life Granny which I thought was a good resemblance.

He's also created mii's based on his teachers, school friends and all time hero Mr. Moshi of Moshimonsters. He'd given Mr Moshi a personality and voice that was very realistic.

I decided to have a go at creating myself as a Mii. You can either use an existing one made on the Mii maker and then add the personality, temperament and voice characteristics. Or you can make one from scratch in Tomodachi Life. Just like on the Mii-maker, you can take a photo to use as a starting point or just create one choosing all of the features yourself from the outset.

We started by using a photo of me but I was dissapointed to end up with such a big nose, so we made a few tweaks. D then showed up and said he didn't think I looked pretty enough so I was happy to hand over the console and I have to say I was happy with the outcome.

Then we got stuck into having a nose around the island. The mii's all live in an apartment block, which gets upgraded to a bigger one and into different styles of apartment block to cater for a growing number of mii's living there.

You can feed your mii's and they have games they can play like wrestling or memory card matching games to help them win in-game 'treasures'. I won a big disco ball by winning my wrestling match. These treasures can be 'sold' to then buy food, clothes, hats and rooms.

There is a news feature which J described as quite funny as it makes up news about your mii characters and what they've been up to.

Your mii's can make best friends with each other or even get married and you don't get control over that. So we've ended up with some pretty odd marriage combinations!

I have to say this is a highly addictive game. I can see just why kids and adults could easily spend hours playing a game like this. I love the level of personalisation of the mii characters. I love the concept of using the mii characters to take on a life of their own on this fictional island. I loved the variety of activities you could do with your mii. I loved the funny news feature.

This is a fabulous fun game that is highly addictive!


  1. Tomodachi life is brilliant isn't it. My girls (all three of them, yes the grown up one too) have their own copy. They love making up their own songs and their miis are family, friends and teachers. When they are playing they have to keep showing me the news broadcast because they are so funny.

    1. yes those news articles are hilarious! I think the resemblence you can get between the mii's and the real people they are based on is uncanny too x


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