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Favourite Past times - Draw with me - September 2014

This lovely autumn photo of Miss T by the apple tree snuck into my files when I was uploading the drawings for this months Draw With Me post so as it's starting to feel autumnal I thought I'd leave it there to start the blog post with.

The theme this month is favourite past times and you'll know from all the cookery posts and from her 29 month update that cooking is one of Miss T's favourite things to do.

But when I asked her to draw her favourite thing to do, she said 'drawing' and proceeded to draw her usual set of little circle type shapes along with some squiggles.

She will often ask for 'pen paper' and she will only settle for a biro type pen - not colouring pens, not crayons, not colouring pencils but biro is what she likes best. So here is her drawing for draw with me - her 'paper pens' drawing to show that she loves drawing.

She also did this sticker picture recently and as it happens to involve food and Doctor Who - another couple of her favourite past times at the moment - I thought I'd include this pic too. (Note: She doesn't watch Doctor Who but seems to have just developed a bit of a Dr Who obsession - more here)

And finally a pic from D. Now his favourite past time definitely is cooking and although he drawn pictures of himself cooking in the past - He'd actually drawn this plan of a cake he and Miss T wanted to cook together. So I thought that was really cute as he'd planned it all out in such detail in his drawing.

As it turned out, I'd agreed to make the sponge for it whilst he was at school that day and when he got home he got a little annoyed that the sponge wasn't as '3D' enough as he wanted it (chefs temperament?) and so he never did make this particular cake he designed. Instead he and Miss T made a very blue cake a few days later.

So whilst cooking is a favourite past time for Miss T and D it also translates regularly into what they draw too!

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  1. Awww love Miss T's paper pens drawing. Love that she always joins in, I really need to get Bugs joining in too. He just hasn't got much interest in drawing though at the moment, I really hope that changes. I love that D designed his very own cake. That is one very cute cloud cake :) Love the blue cake that they made together, the marshmallow love heart! so adorable x

    1. We've never done anything to encourage T to draw - she just loved grabbing a pen and paper from a very young age. From memory my boys didn't enjoy it so much until they were a bit older. thanks for your lovely comments. x

  2. great cake idea. and nice that they like to join in with cooking #drawwithme


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