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Leapfrog Learning Friends Play and Discover School Set: A Toyologist review

There was a little girl who was nearly two and a half,
Her friends from Toys R Us sent her a toy with Mrs Giraffe.

"Good morning class" Mrs Giraffe does say.
"Good morning Mrs Giraffe" Trinity replies each day.

Her new toy is a school and comes with three learning friends,
With tiger, monkey and turtle, the fun never ends.

Interactive fun with greetings, stories and songs,
Encourages speech and singing along.

There's time to play on the roundabout and slide,
As well as a real opening door to peek through or hide.

It comes with a table for the three friends to have snacks,
And it's embossed with the alphabet on the wall at the back. 

LeapFrog quality - it's a brand you can trust!
For educational play value this toy is a must. 

With Christmas approaching, it'll be time to write lists...
Just watch our short video to see if Trinity would recommend this...

We hope you enjoyed our poem and video review of the LeapFrog Learning Friends Play and Discover school set. We were sent it for the purposes of review as we have once again been asked to be Toyologists for Toys R Us. 

Toys needing batteries often come with a caution from me as I don't like having to replace batteries all the time. But when a toy proves its worth with great educational value then I can live with it being battery operated. 

We found that Miss T responded to the voices of teacher Mrs Giraffe and the 3 learning friends and it encouraged her to interact and speak more than she ordinarily would with imaginative play. 

It is aimed at children aged 2 and over and it would also make a great 'starting preschool' gift to help prepare young children for preschool. 

The LeapFrog Learning Friends Play & Discover School Set is available from Toys R US. 


  1. This set makes me want to be a kid again! It looks fantastic :) x

    1. it has been a great toy for Miss T to play with. thanks for popping by. x

  2. Leapfrog are a good brand aren't they.
    This looks like something Max would enjoy too
    And Miss T looks very much like mummy :)


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