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Kids in the Kitchen: Making Sushi

I just can't figure out why we had never made Sushi before. In my mind it was one of those things that I imagined to be extremely difficult to make so we had never tried. Spontaneously, I had added some sushi rice, rice wine vinegar and nori (seaweed sheets) to my last online grocery shop and tonight was the night to have a go at making our own sushi.

J and D adore sushi and have done so for several years. I cannot recall exactly how their love of sushi began as we have never been to a sushi restaurant. I think I bought some from a supermarket once for them to try and they were hooked, always buying ready made supermarket sushi after that. 

It's been so simple to make. 

1. Cook the sushi rice according to pack instructions (although I always tend to cook my rice in the microwave so I microwaved it for 22 minutes in boiling water). 

2. In a pan, heat one third of a cup of rice wine vinegar and 3 tsp sugar and a pinch of salt until boiling and the sugar has dissolved.

3. Pour this over the cooked rice and mix.

4. Allow the rice to cool. In the meantime you can prepare anything you wish to add to your sushi. We used small pieces of carrot, cucumber, orange pepper, avocado and ham.

5. Place a nori sheet onto a tea towel (obviously if you have bamboo rolling mats then use those). Add some rice and spread over it leaving a 2cm gap at the top.

6. Place a row of filling bits like cucumber, avocado etc. 

7. Then roll your sushi using your tea towel to help you roll. 

8. Slice into pieces and its ready to eat with a little soy sauce. 

You could also serve with pickled ginger. 

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