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GOPO 12 week update: Me and My Arthritis - The Verdict

Well here is the final post that I am due to write about the Rosehip Supplement GOPO that I have been taking for my arthritis. It is supposed to be the 12 week update but as we've been on holiday for a couple of weeks, it's turned out to be a 14 week update. So that means I've been taking the GOPO supplement for over 14 weeks now.

I've been keeping a diary to record pain levels and good and bad days as well as noting down other significant factors like the weather (as rain / damp weather can make my arthritis worse).

Today I'm having a VERY bad day. The worst in a long time and I've deliberately chosen to write this up today because it shows the contrast between today and just what a positive impact the GOPO supplement has been having in my life over the past few months.

Today I have woken up with a huge amount of stiffness in my lower back and a lot of pain too. My hip isn't too bad in itself, it is mainly my back which is hurting today. I was unable to get Miss T out of her cot. I was unable to get breakfast ready for the children. I struggled to sit on a chair to eat my own breakfast and I struggled to sit on the toilet (totally unglamorous things to be talking about I know but it is the reality of a life with arthritis).

I did do the washing up after dosing up on pain killers purely because the kitchen sink was in such a desperate state that it could not be ignored.

The plan was for me to tidy and clean the house this morning whilst Richard took the kids to church because we still haven't fully unpacked from our holiday and the place is looking a mess. I knew straight away that cleaning was out of the question with my back like this but I was hoping that I'd be able to tidy up a little but I've had to give up on that idea too.

All this might sound a bit depressing and it might sound like a huge contradiction when I tell you that my verdict is that GOPO really has worked for me. But I need to point it out that pain levels with arthritis are so volatile and that is one of the things that I need to learn to accept.

I am delighted to have identified that this is the first really bad day for a long time. Before I started the GOPO trial, really bad days like today could happen several times a week, and starting the day with significant back stiffness was a daily occurence.

When I look back over the posts I wrote at 4, 8, and 10 weeks I am encouraged that I was able to do so many things and that the pain had reduced during that time. I am so glad to have those blogposts and to have kept a diary as it is an encouragement to me that today is hopefully just a blip and that I can look forward to more happy days again in future.

I find the trouble with arthritis is that on a good day I can't ever imagine having a bad day again, and when I have a bad day, the pain is such that I can't imagine things ever improving again. Keeping a diary can help overcome this.

It has also helped me recognise triggers. For example, I have long suspected that I get more pain during spells of wet or damp weather or after getting caught in the rain. My diary has confirmed that this indeed does happen.

I also have found that after a long car journey my joints can seize up. Again something that I suspected, but keeping a diary has meant I have properly recognised this to be the case.

We had a very successful holiday in the sense that we managed 2 weeks away from home and away from my own reliable, trusty, orthopedic bed. We haven't managed to be away from home for that length of time in over a decade often having to cut holidays short because of my back pain. So that was a huge success and I give a large part of the credit to GOPO for that.

I've also noticed that since being home, the pain has increased and I have a couple of suspicions as to why. Despite relying on my bed so much, I am wondering that whether it is time to look at replacing it as it is around 14 years old now (and beds should ideally be replaced every 7-10 years apparently) - perhaps I need to accept that it is not as good nowadays as it has been in the past?

The other BIG factor is that going back to the normal routine of things with cooking, washing, cleaning (although I haven't managed any cleaning as yet), having to lift Miss T into the car and pushing her buggy, has taken a real toll on my back.

Whilst we were away there was no cooking, cleaning, or washing to be done and Richard was on hand to push the buggy at all times and do all the lifting in and out the car. So my back had remarkably little pain compared to usual.
Daddy was able to push Miss T's buggy on holiday
One of the things I hope I've got across over the past few months with my GOPO updates is that whilst GOPO has worked for me, there are a lot of factors to take into account when it comes to arthritis and there are no guarantees what works for one person will work for another. I have stocked up on GOPO as I plan to continue to take it indefinitely as I believe it has really helped a lot. It is backed by research and clinical trials too.

This short video featuring Dr Chris Steele shows a case study of another arthritis sufferer who has benefitted from taking GOPO:

What he says at the end of the video is so true in that there is 'no one size fits all' when it comes to managing joint pain and that each person needs to find what it right for them. 

I am so glad that I gave GOPO a try as I really do feel it has been right for me! 

See my previous updates as follows:

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Disclosure: I was sent a 12 week trial of GOPO for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Oh, sorry to hear about your pain, but glad at least that you have found something which helps alleviate it a little bit. Wish I had a magic wand for you! x

    1. thanks Steph. It actually eased off later in the day but in the morning it just seemed so bad compared to how things have been lately. x


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