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Moshling Series 11 Countdown round-up

We really enjoyed sharing the Moshling countdown for the Series 11 moshlings with you in August. The kids loved coming up with video and photo ideas to match up with each moshling that was revealed each day. For J and D it really was the best blogging assignment ever!

You may have noticed that it was J and D who stole the show when it came to introducing each new moshling, but don't worry, Miss T has got to play with the moshlings too. 

Here she is having fun with all 16 of the series 11 moshlings. 

In case you missed any of our posts (the first few have got some great little videos in) here they all are:

16. Bonnie The Sassy Lassie - Yeehah, J got all wild west themed for this one.

15. Doyle The Defective Detective - D got to dress up as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes to go in search of this moshling.

14. Troy The Macho Minotaur saw J going into theatre to introduce him.

13. Pizmo The Perky Pixinaut was seen somewhere in space on a tinfoil spaceship by D looking through his telescope.

12. Fusty The Fabled Funghi loves Music Festivals as do J and D. So we've also included our own Moshifest video in this blogpost.

11. Benedict The Broken Booble - D shows what Benedicts likes and dislikes are.

10. Darwin The Dithering Dodo - An icy adventure for D as he introduces us to this dim-witted dodo.

9. Plumpty the Proper Pud is J's fave moshling in Series 11.

8. King Brian the Dandy Lion meant we got to have royalty featured on the blog.

7. Lips The Duck-Billed Brattypus was a blast from the past as J had designed a duck-billed platypus moshling last year.

6. Mitzi The Clockwork Crawly loves to text and J introduces us to Mitzi.

5. Snuggy The Cuddly Wibble was found by D in the sock drawer!

4. Popov The Dancing Dinkinov was caught drinking vobble-ade (yes Vobble-ade and not the usual Wobble-ade found on Moshi Monsters).

3. Casey The Croaky Cook gave our very own Brilliant Chef a run for his money. Both we sporting super moustaches for this moshling reveal!

2. Freddy The Seb-swaddling guzzler was found in our sandpit building sand sculptures!

1. Weegul The Wobbly Dobbly was the final moshling to be revealed in our countdown.

We really hope you enjoyed it as much as we have! 


  1. Oh bless her!
    Definitely a family hit aren't they.

    1. yep - they certainly are. Miss T has already learnt lots of the names of the series 11 moshlings. x


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