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Quick Bircher musli (no overnight soaking required)

For those days when its too warm for porridge and regular musli just isn't filling enough. This recipe is perfect for eating some fresh fruit with your breakfast. It also softens enough with the milk and yogurt if you add these to the oats first that you don't need to make it the night before as some Bircher musli recipes require.

1 cup rolled porridge oats
1 cup milk
Half a cup of plain yogurt (I used greek yogurt which made it taste more creamy)
2 tsp runny honey
Fresh fruit of your choice - I used 1 banana, 1 peach and 1 kiwi on one day, then plum and kiwi the second day and then kiwi and blueberry the third day (any combination really does seem to work!).

Bircher musli is supposed to also have a grated apple in it I think, but I didn't have any so made it without apple. 

You could also add dried fruit or nuts if you wish. 


Simply mix together the rolled porridge oats with the milk and yogurt. Then chop up your fruit and add in. If you wish to you can also add nuts, dried fruit, berries etc. 

I think making it with the Greek yogurt has made it taste so creamy. 

And every time I say the words 'bircher musli' the boys think I'm saying 'virtual musli' - Hmm I think they may be spending too much time on the computer!

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