> The Beesley Buzz: Sweet Dreams at The Chocolate Boutique and Beautiful Bournemouth Beach (Day 1 of our #52sleeps roadtrip)

Sweet Dreams at The Chocolate Boutique and Beautiful Bournemouth Beach (Day 1 of our #52sleeps roadtrip)

Earlier in the year my very clever husband won the LateRooms.com 52 sleeps competition and we enjoyed a fabulous road trip where we got to stay at 9 of these amazing places. You can find out more about our road trip and see Richard's winning video here. I wrote up a series of blogposts during our roadtrip which we are publishing upon our return. So this one and the one's to follow were written up diary style at the time...

One of the photos in our original video was based on The Chocolate Boutique (remember the photo of Richard falling asleep in a box of chocolates with chocolate smeared all over his face!), well today we arrived at the real Chocolate Boutique. I'm actually writing this up sitting on a firm and comfortable bed (anyone reading my GOPO / arthritis blogposts will know just how important that is to me!), in a stunning room, decorated in colours of chocolate brown and raspberry.

We have two rooms between us all and a well stocked tea tray was just what we needed upon arrival for tea and hot chocolate. As well as the tea tray, we have found a really special treat in our rooms - chocolate! 

The Chocolate Boutique run weekly chocolate making workshops usually at weekends and this is definitely somewhere for me and Richard to come back to once the kids have grown up and left home!

Although not particularly designed with children in mind (it is the perfect place for friends or couples to visit), we managed perfectly well with the double room and twin room. Miss T is old enough to just about manage a shower rather than a baby bath and we brought along her Koodi pop-up travel cot which is great for fitting into pretty much any space as it is so compact and folds up really small too.

We've already popped down to the beach (not far from the hotel at all), and are looking forward to dinner nearby. The hotel itself doesn't have a restaurant for meals other than breakfast but there are plenty of places to eat nearby. There is a hotel bar which does some exceedingly tempting sounding 'choctails' (chocolate cocktails).

Although there's free wifi here, I'm planning on writing up posts whenever I get the chance 'diary style' but then publish them once we're home so I get a chance to sort through and upload photos. Gifts from the pirates wrote up their Center Parcs posts like that when we met them at Center Parcs last year as part of our remit of being Center Parcs bloggers in 2013 and it was a fantastic way of remembering those memories.

So dinner next, then perhaps an evening visit to the beach if there's time.
Eating chocolate!

Spotted in the mirror eating more chocolate! 

Standing at the foot of my bed eating...you guessed it...chocolate!
Day 1 of our road trip was written up on Tuesday 19th August 2014

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