> The Beesley Buzz: Day 2 of our road trip: Fowey hall, Cornwall #52 Sleeps

Day 2 of our road trip: Fowey hall, Cornwall #52 Sleeps

After a long journey from Bournemouth, we arrive at Cornwall to a very busy town and a busy car park at the hotel. Our visit to Fowey Hall happens to coincide with the Fowey Royal Regatta, so it's probably one of the busiest times of the year to be here. We hadn't planned it that way as we only found out about the Regatta a few days ago.

Thankfully our room is ready even though it was 2 o'clock rather than the usual check-in time of 3pm. And wow what a room!

Our family room was a spacious top floor suite comprising 2 kids rooms as well as mum and dads room, a lobby area and a big bathroom. 2 nights here at this time of year would normally cost £850 so the rooms need to reflect that. At first glance the bed seems firm and so manageable for my back too.

The kids have been most looking forward to swimming so we head down for a quick bite to eat for lunch so that we can get to the swimming pool.

We had missed the official lunchtime slot which ended at 2pm but a selection of food is served all day including a children's menu. Staff were dressed up with Pierrot clown painted faces and we weren't sure if that was for the Regatta celebrations or whether it's like that all the time.

We were able to choose to eat outside, in the garden room, the lounge, or the toy room. The kids opted for the toy room.

We pushed back our dinner reservation from 6pm to 7pm as we'd had such a late lunch. Nothing seems too much trouble for the staff here. All are friendly, down to earth and helpful.

We immediately got the impression that this place has been catering for families for many years as they had thought about everything. There were buckets, spades and fishing nets to borrow by the entrance, kids wellies to borrow, there was a basket of baby bottles by reception, lots of great outdoor toys, the play room, and milk and cookies before bedtime!

The kids even had crab lines waiting for them on their beds when we arrived. Such a nice touch.

After our swim, the kids headed outdoors for a play. We watched the Fowey town band arrive with their tennis ball canon which made rather explosive bangs as it shot out tennis balls. There are stunning views from the hotel to see too.

We ended the day with a splendid meal in the garden room of the restaurant where families can dine together (there is a separate dining area which is child free, if you prefer that). Our meal was lovely and probably in line with what is the norm for a luxury family hotel - however, for 'normal' people like us, particularly with our 'savvy' credentials spending over £120 on a meal for two adults and two children (we had only 2 courses, with no starters and no wine), was a little on the pricey side.
Thankfully bedtimes have been going smoothly with Miss T managing to settle well in her Koodi travel cot and the boys going to bed fuss-free. I'm really proud of them all for having coped with such a long journey yesterday and an even longer journey today. That's no easy feat with J and his aspergers, D who is prone to travel sickness and Miss T being at a young and lively age.

I was getting serious bake off withdrawal symptoms this evening, but thankfully we managed to catch bake off on BBC iPlayer late this evening by getting the iPad to use the free hotel wifi.

Bedtime now. Looking forward to meeting Fowey Hall's chickens tomorrow and perhaps a spot of crabbing.

This post was written up on Wednesday 20th August 2014. Find out more about our Laterooms.com road trip here.

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