> The Beesley Buzz: T at 14 months!

T at 14 months!

Starting to walk!
Playing peek-a-boo!

I adore my brothers and they love me too!

I also like making a mess - just like my brothers do.
In a couple of days, T will be 14 months old. The photos are pretty self-explanatory about the things T most loves to do. In the last photo, she is picking apart the flowers we had planted! She also loves tearing up pieces of tissue to make a mess, and playing with sand and soil.

The biggest development in the past month has to be the few steps she is able to take.

Her hair has grown long enough to cover her eyes so she now wears a hair clip everyday. We call it the 'conspiracy clip' as she realises that something is going on when we put the clip in and take it out. But she hasn't quite figured out quite what so most days it stays in.

A special message for granny to say thank you for T's new dress. As you can see from the photos is looks stunning on her!


  1. Oh my, she is a proper cutie! Happy Birthday x

    1. thanks Jo. I have to admit it myself even - she is adorable! xxx

  2. Beautiful! Great shot with that castle in the background, lovely lovely family!


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