> The Beesley Buzz: Nuby Fun Squirters - Great fun both in and out the bath!

Nuby Fun Squirters - Great fun both in and out the bath!


Three brightly coloured new friends for T. A blue elephant, a yellow duck and a green crocodile. These Nuby Fun Squirters have literally provided hours of fun for T both in and out the bath.

When they first arrived, we took them out of their packaging and I was amazed to see T playing with them for so long...even before it got to bath time.

She loved the feeling of the air whooshing out at her face as you can see from these photos!

And then I found her ages later showing the early signs of imaginative play when she was putting them into the tractor trailor and pushing them around.

These three characters seem to have become one of her most favourite toys because she cries when she has to part with them after a bath and has been known to sneak them out of the bath with her. However because they tend to stay wet inside because they are water squirters, we take them back to the bathroom for them to live there - at which point T cries again as she has to say goodbye to them until the next bathtime!

Disclosure: As Nuby Bloggers, we were sent the Nuby Fun Squirters to keep. All opinions given are our own. The packaging advises that the Nuby Fun Squirters are recommended for babies over 6 months old.

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