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Our trip to LEGOLAND!

We recently had an amazing trip to LEGOLAND Windsor and got to stay in their most magnificent hotel!

If I am honest, I have to admit that I am not a big fan of theme parks generally - I don't like scary rides, I don't like the crowds and the chaos. But as far as theme parks go, LEGOLAND is my favourite - the rides are all more fun rather than scary, going mid-week meant we avoided the crowds and we were given such a warm welcome by everyone there. Having an overnight stay in the hotel was the icing on the cake and I found I really really enjoyed our time there! (needless to say, the kids did too!)

To be greeted by this smoke breathing dragon on the brightly coloured entrance to the hotel was our first glimpse of the excitement that was in store for us. As you can see, the boys were very very excited already!

T camoflages against the LEGO with her brightly coloured top!

The hotel boasted play areas where children could play on one of several Xboxes or play with the LEGO. There was also an outdoor play area for hotel guests too as well as a totally awesome swimming pool and splash pool!!!

J's face as he sees the pirate theme in the corridors (and this is before we even get to our room!)
We all loved just how 'themed' the entire hotel was. From carpets, to floors, to curtains, to beds, to elevators and even the hotel toilets were themed!

Pirate themed corridors
D has blogged about the Bricks Family Restaurant over on his blog at The Brilliant Chef as he loved the foodie themed LEGO in the restaurant area.

It didn't stop there. The bedrooms really had the WOW factor! The boys were delighted with their pirate themed bunk beds and TV to watch and the little gift that awaited them in the safe which this monkey was guarding...

They had to answer the clues to crack the code to the safe in which their treasure awaited!

And it still didn't stop there! Mum and Dad's area of the hotel room was also under the control of the pirates...

All this excitement and adventure and that was before we had even set foot into the actual LEGOLAND park. So here are a few highlights from the theme park...
We were so pleased that there were even rides that T could enjoy at only 14 months old!
The boys LOVED the Viking ride so much they went on 4 times in a row!!!
We were impressed with the  LEGO Star Wars themed displays (the boys are BIG fans of the LSW game on the wii)
J seems to have a bit of an obsession about London, so he was over the moon to be able to see all the impressive sights of London in one place and tower over them all in miniland.

So all in all, we had a truly fabulous time and I have asked J to either win us another trip there or to raid Daddy's credit card and take me there again for my birthday.

With special thanks to Silentnight beds and their representatives for awarding J this fabulous prize and to children's author Jeremy Strong who picked J's story as one of the finalists in Silentnight's competition.


  1. Oh wow, you got to stay in the Legoland Hotel. We went last weekend and although we got passes for the hotel we didn't stay there. I loved the park though and we had a fantastic day.
    Congratulations on your prize :)

    1. thanks Anne - yes is was amazing and it totally surpassed my expectations! xxx

  2. Sounds and looks at lot of fun. I love that they have carried the theme throughout, even Mum & Dad's bed looked the part.

    1. thanks Nikki. yes it was lots of fun - thanks for stopping by xxx

  3. What a great trip and how lovely to stay at the hotel, did you get to go in their great water play area? Mich x

    1. We used the hotel water play / pool but the weather wasn't quite good enough to go in the new duplo water play area. Hopefully next time. x

  4. Congratulations on your prize. It looks a lot of fun . We love Legoland x

  5. Looks like you had a great time! Love the pirate themed hotel room! I must admit the queues and chaos put me off!! http://www.charliemoos.co.uk/blog/read_129283/magna-carta-super-charter-30-days-wild.html

    1. the themed rooms were amazing! We struggle with places like theme parks when they are busy but we've been lucky at LEGOLAND to go on days when the weather hasn't been great so it wasn't too busy. x


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