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Nuby Flex Straw beaker review

When Nuby sent this Flex Straw beaker for us to review as Nuby bloggers, it was perfect timing as it felt the right time to be moving away from using teat-style bottles and towards trying out a straw mechanism.
T looked a little puzzled to be given this beaker instead of the one she was used to but managed to figure out how to use the straw.

The bottle comes apart into four pieces for washing: the straw spout, the actual straw that fits into it and leads into the main part of the beaker, the neck-piece of the beaker and the beaker itself.

Although it was really straight-forward to use and T gets on with it really well, I am left wishing that there was a lid for it as I prefer to take lidded beakers out and about with us just for hygiene reasons primarily.

I also worry about getting straws thoroughly clean so we haven't used this beaker for milk but only for water because of this. It is suitable for dishwasher (top rack) and is also suitable for all forms of sterilisation. If I was to use the beaker for milk, then I would make sure I sterilised it but we have generally moved away from sterilising now T is over 1 year old.

T managed to hold the beaker easily and drink from it easily. The beaker claims to be "No-Spill" and so far in our experience this has proved to be true!

It is designed to be used from 12 months and over and I agree with this suggestion as it really felt like it was the right time for T to try out the straw-style beaker.

As Nuby bloggers, we were sent the Nuby Flex Straw beaker to try out and keep. All opinions given are our own honest opinions.

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