> The Beesley Buzz: #R2BC - I made it to the final four - can you help me?

#R2BC - I made it to the final four - can you help me?

UPDATE: The competiton reverted back to being judged (which it was originally supposed to be). My video was picked as the winner! Thank you to everyone who did take the trouble to vote though - I really appreciated your support.

I am writing this rather excitedly today (an emotion I haven't felt much over the past few months with PND) but I have just found out that I have made it to the final four in a Cool Cookery recipe competition I entered.

I try not to enter any competitions with any voting element and I was very careful to make sure this wasn't one of those as I checked the T&C's carefully first.

They judged it down to the top four but then couldn't decide so rather cheekily put those out to get YOU TUBE 'Thumbs ups' / You Tube likes to pick the overall winner that way.

In one way I am totally gutted to have got to this point on merit and then find myself having to beg for votes when I absolutely HATE voting competitions. But on the other hand I am only 4 people away from going to Noma - the worlds best restaurant - and I keep thinking about what a positive impact that would have on Daniel knowing mummy has made it to Noma given all his cheffing ambition he has as I have written about before. He even managed to sneak himself into my video.

I hate to ask anyone for anything generally but I kind of feel I owe it to Dan and our family to really give this a shot, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could you pop over to my video on You Tube and give me a thumbs up / you tube like.


I don't have that many facebook or twitter friends and our offline family haven't discovered you-tube (yet!) so I am really counting on support from my blogging friends or anyone popping over who reads this. I know we have quite a lot of page views each week and so if everyone who reads this, pops over and clicks the thumbs up on the you tube video, I am really hoping that I will stand a chance!

Please don't feel obliged to watch the whole video - I just need your thumbs up. I have cooked a herby hake with vegetable cous-cous on the basis that it was really simple to cook fish from frozen and it used lots of frozen veg in it (as the comp is for Cool Cookery which promotes using frozen).

Wouldn't it be cool if I was to be writing a future R2BC post about my experience at Noma thanks to you lovely lot! I would love it if you could help that happen.

Thank you so very much!

(it ends next Friday 14th so will keep you posted).

love Rebecca x

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  1. Well done. Gave you the thumbs up x

    1. thanks so much Louise - much appreciated! xxx

  2. Well done for getting so far, I've given you a thumbs up. Would love the recipe in text as my youtube was a bit patchy and we are huge fans of cous cous here and have lots of frozen veg in the freezer! x

    1. thanks so much. The recipe is basically lots of frozen veg boiled or steamed and added to cooked cous-cous (and some sundried tomatoes too). The hake was wrapped in a parcel of baking paper with some frozen herbs that were mixed with some butter and sundried tomato. It was about 20-25 minutes in the oven. xxx

  3. It looks delicious, I'm definitely going to try it. Another thumbs up from me!

  4. big well done, I'll head over now. You are right, it is unfair of them to change things though! Mich x


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