> The Beesley Buzz: Joshua's Jokes - the final installment of the first list - phew!

Joshua's Jokes - the final installment of the first list - phew!

I just found this sitting in my drafts list of blog posts...

Here is the final selection of Jokes from Joshua's massive list of Jokes:

Why are bin men so grumpy in the morning?
Because they skip breakfast!

Two flies are on a breakfast box.
'Why are we running so fast?' asks one.
Because it says tear across the dotted line!

How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep?
You rock-et!

Where do hamburgers box?
In an onion ring!

How do mice celebrate when they move home?
With a mouse-warming party!

Who always come after the aliens?
The B-liens!

Here are a few of Daniel's favourite jokes:

Why did the cow cross the road?
To get to the moovies!

What can you put in a cup but not take out again?
A crack!

Waiter waiter! This soup tastes funny.
Well why aren't you laughing then!

What is brown, hairy and has yellow skin?
A coconut disguised as a banana!


  1. I have the worse sense of humour and find that these are the types of jokes that I actually get! So I've been sitting here laughing loudly.....thanks for the chuckle!
    I've tagged you in my Whats in Your Handbag post, hope you don't mind http://theorganisedpenguin.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/whats-in-my-handbag.html x

    1. glad you enjoyed them! Josh will be pleased to hear that. Will pop over and take a peek at the handbag post. xxx


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