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Book review - Spy Dog Unleashed

For one of his pieces of home-school work today, 8 year old J decided to write up a book review of a book he just finished reading. He gets through so many books that I can hardly keep up with what he is reading, so I love it when he decides to write a book review. He has already read many of the Spy Dogs series.

I thought he did such a great job on this review that it deserved a write-up on the blog. Over to J:
Spy Dog Unleashed by Andrew Cope. Review by J, aged 8

I like this book. The Spy Dog's name is LARA. It stands for Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal. Her code name is GM451.

Some criminals have escaped from prison and they have a dog that looks exactly like Lara. They use it to steal valuables.

Mr Big changed his look and his name and pretended to be a goody.

The criminals want to steal the millennium diamond.

Everyone thinks Lara did the robberies instead of the bad dog!

Lara gets caught by the police.

Will Lara escape? Will the baddies get the diamond?

Read the book to find out!


  1. ooooh that looks like a good book, I'm always on the look out for ideas for my little boy. x

    1. thanks Emma. Yep - he really enjoys the spy dog books. x

  2. Another fab review...thanks Josh! 'Unleashed' is my favourite of the 'Spy Dog' books so I'm glad you liked it. It like the fact that Mr Big;s in it and I also enjoyed writing about Mr Peacock who appears at the beginning and end. He thinks he'd gone mad
    Keep up the brill reviews

    1. Josh says: Thanks so much for reading my review. I have read lots of Spy Dogs books but I haven't reviewed them all yet. I plan to review more soon!


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