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World Book Day - Small Steps Amazing Achievements

This is J on World Book Day last week.

When the letter came home from school inviting children to dress up, we wondered how J would cope with it. We guessed that he would want to opt-out.

We checked with his school. Sure enough they said that most children in the ASD unit of the school don't dress up for events like this. They choose not to because they don't like change and they don't like things being different.

J surprised us. He decided he wanted to dress up as a pirate inspired by the book 'Magic Marks The Spot'.

I won't say that he never does dressing-up because he does. He will join in when other children are playing dress-up. But I think it is the first time that he has initiated dressing-up himself.

He had a whale of a time that day at school and was thrilled that one of his teachers had dressed up as a pirate too!

I've seen some really amazing blogposts, costume ideas, and inspiration about World Book Day this year. I loved the costume ideas I saw on The ANA Mum diary, and on Gifts from the Pirates, I've been amazed by the themed lunch boxes over at Eat's Amazing like this Oliver Jeffers one and the Hairy Maclary one. This Cinderella slipper themed craft from Domestic Goddesque is just stunning. And I'd love to try some of them out in future.

But for now this is a small step that is an amazing acheivement for J.

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  1. Go J! I bet you are really proud. Getting dressed up is so much fun and its great news that he wanted to join in. xx

    1. thanks Pauly. He does enjoy dressing up when others do - but it really surprised us that he initiated it this time! x

  2. Wow way to go J , I love that he wanted to get dressed up. Luke went as Woody from Toy Story xx

  3. Awww, such a lovely post :) x

  4. Glad he joined in and wanted to be part of it all. Great costume!

  5. So glad you shared this, I was seeing everyone posting pictures and found myself thinking 'How will I get Ethan to do this?!'. I'm so glad he wanted to join in and enjoyed it.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    1. I always thought the same when I see lots of World Book day stuff going on - so it was a surprise but great that he asked to join in rather than us try to make him. x


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