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Kids in the Kitchen - Cheesy Root Muffins

Joining in with Kids in the Kitchen linky over at Raisie Bay again. It is fantastic for reminding us to get in the kitchen with the kids so they learn how to cook for themselves and get that passion for making and baking food.

This week Miss T helped me make what we have named 'Cheesy Root Muffins'. They are a savoury muffin which should be pretty healthy with all the veg that's in them and switching butter for rapeseed oil or one of the healthier margarines will help reduce saturated fat. They also contain oats for added 'healthiness'.

sneakily eating the grated cheese
I say Miss T 'helped' me but a more accurate description might be that she flung flour across the room, ate lots of the grated cheese, and then dropped the egg. Finally she fell off her chair and asked for a sleep. So unlike our previous cookery successes with her (see here and here) - overtiredness got the better of her this time. She still seemed to have fun (apart from the chair part) so I don't think it has put her off cooking.
Miss T enjoyed getting messy

then she got fed up and tired!
Flour all over the floor! 

I based the veg on what I had at home. You could use other veg like carrots, courgettes, etc instead or in addition to what we used.

200g plain flour
50g oats (I had some oatmeal and some oats with seeds so I used a mix of these. Regular oats would be fine too).
30ml rapeseed oil
130ml milk
3 eggs
half a Celeriac
1 golden beetroot (or use a carrot - I just happened to have a golden beetroot in my veg box)
65g grated cheddar (feta makes a really tasty alternative to cheddar in this recipe too)
Fresh Coriander (optional - I just popped it in as I had some I needed to use up)

Firstly peel and grate the celeriac and golden beetroot. I used our new mandolin slicer to cut thin julienne strips but I think it would have been just as easy to grate them.
Then quite simply mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl.

Finally pop into muffin cases and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 C for 30 minutes or until cooked through and golden on top.

As we totally invented this as we went along we found that this amount made 9 muffins. So you can obviously adjust quantities if you feel the need to make an even number! (For some reason it did feel strange to have a recipe making an odd number of muffins).

Do pop along and link up any recipes (old or new) that you've been cooking with the kids:

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  1. now they sound really tasty, I'd give them a try. Poor Miss T, we had a week like that not long ago, then again, there are times when I get feel like throwing things around the kitchen and having a strop! Thanks for joining in Kids in the kitchen again, I really appreciate all your support x

    1. ha ha - yes i do get to stropping point sometimes too. x

  2. Love that series of pics, how cute! The Muffins look delicious too! :D

  3. These looks really lovely! I think my kids will love them, Have just printed the recipe and we are going to try them - thank you for sharing x

    1. thanks Sonia. You might need to tweak the recipe a little depending on what veg you use e.g. we've made some with courgettes in the past which makes a 'wetter' mixture. x

  4. Ooo they sound yummy. Bless her getting tired, it's hard work all this cooking lark ;-)


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