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We may be in the same family but we are not of the same Tribe: Our TV Moments with Talk Talk

Talk Talk have come up with a fun quiz looking at TV viewing habits. If you take the quiz, you can find out which of the 8 'tribes' you belong to.

We decided to both take the quiz because I had thought we would both fall into the same 'tribe' category. But it turns out I was wrong.

Me-Time Mum
It turns out that I am a 'Me-timer' along with 34% of the nation. The sentence saying 'I never miss an episode of my favourite shows' is extremely accurate. When it comes to things like Dr Who or Miranda - I would make sure whatever it took, I would be there sat ready to watch it on TV.

Recently we've also been enjoying the new Jonathan Creek series and also Ben Fogle's New Lives in the Wild. Shows like 'Double Your house for half the money' also catch our interest as we recently had an extension done so can relate to what those on the show are going through!

During the daytime, I definitely let the kids take control of the TV but in the evenings, the telly is all mine for my me-time. Since we started blogging, getting a night in front of the TV has taken on even more importance and significance as I don't know about you, but blogs tend to have a habit of taking over our lives and every bit of spare time. So I really look forward to the 'me-time' I manage to get watching TV.
'Me-Time' Mummy!
The Elitist Dad
Daddy turned out to be in 'The Elitist' tribe along with a mere 12% of others. I think that at the moment that is an accurate description of him as he doesn't get the chance to watch more than only 1 or 2 hours of TV a day. But when I think back to our days before we had children, given half the chance I think he would definitely be more of 'The Secret Viewer'. I think we both would be as we used to love our Soaps but nowadays I wouldn't even admit to it.

We both just don't have the time to watch more TV but I have a feeling that if we did, we definitely would!

The Kids Viewing habits
So mum and dad took the Talk Talk TV Tribe Quiz to find out about what Tribe we belonged to based on our viewing habits. Then we let the kids have their say about their own TV viewing habits (see Video below)...
When the kids are watching children's TV, there is one spot that they all fight for as the best 'TV watching spot'. 
Miss T nabs the children's favourite TV viewing seat!
They always find it funny when I tell them that when I was young we could only watch kid's TV for a short time after school (remember Philip Schofield in his broom cupboard?) They just can't get their heads around this because nowadays they can watch children's TV anytime of day.

When the children were born, I remember thinking that I would want to have strict limits on the amount of TV they watched each day. But I have come to love children's TV as much as they do. So much of it is so educational - from the programmes aimed at toddlers which help them learn colours, numbers and shapes, right through to programmes like Gastronauts which help them learn more about food, and programmes like Richard Hammond's Miracles of Nature which linked science and the world around us brilliantly!

Now I don't try to limit them. I let them enjoy TV - it is a great way to relax and we all learn lots from it too.

Our perfect TV moment
Weekends are a special time for us all as a family because that is when we all sit down together to watch a film or a programme that we all like. We tend to squeeze onto the sofa together and all agree on what to watch. A couple of years ago, I remember planning a whole weekend around watching TV because we wanted to watch all the back-to-back episodes of The Sarah-Jane Adventures.
A family 'selfie' of us all watching TV together
We also often reminisce about one of our favourite family TV moments which was Mr Bean in the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. That still brings us all a giggle when we think about that.

So I think if I had to pick my favourite TV moment - it wouldn't actually be a 'me-time' moment but instead it would be us watching TV together as a family at the weekend. I love nothing more on a rainy day than staying indoors to enjoy a programme or film together. We even make some hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and nibble on biscuits too. So that's my perfect TV moment - although perhaps with a few less squabbles over the remote.

If you take the quiz too - we'd love to hear which TV tribe you belong to!

This is our entry into the Talk Talk TV moments competition. You can find out more here. 

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  1. We don't watch tv at all in this house, can't stand it!
    I love the family selfie! x


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