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Our Foodimal Peacock

To celebrate the release of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on DVD and Blu-Ray, Tots 100 and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have come up with a challenge to make our own foodimal. So here's our meal that looks like an animal. Our 'Foodimal' Peacock:
Quote from Tim Lockwood: They came here to help you, and so are we. So let us (lettuce).
Our kids are huge fans of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, so we jumped at the opportunity to create our own foodimal. 

The kids came up with lots of ideas like a crocodile made of cucumber, or jacket potatoes that looked like mice, but in the end, we wanted to create something that would make a complete meal and our 'Peacock' with lettuce tail feathers and pea pasta was perfect as a family meal. 

We try to make our meals nutritionally balanced too with food from all the main food groups and so the aubergine and salad are from the 'fruit and veg' food group (as well as the peas), and we decided to add the pretty farfalle pasta which provides carbohydrates. We added some shavings of Parmesan cheese as 'protein' and 'dairy'. 
Lots of healthy salad and veg in this foodimal meal
The Peacock's colourful tail 'feathers' are made of Romaine lettuce with the 'eye' part made of half a grape, layered up on a thin slice of radish, carrot and kiwi and held together with a cocktail stick. 

A few chicory leaves around the base of the romaine lettuce leaves adds a different shade of colour and more texture. 
You can make this as a family meal or as a centerpiece when guests are visiting. When everyone has finished admiring the Peacock foodimal simply slice the aubergine lengthways in half, score the flesh and rub with a little olive oil and crushed garlic. Roasted in the oven this makes a really tasty addition to the rest of the pasta and salad meal. 

With a drawing of 'Berry' from Cloudy 2
They couldn't wait to get stuck into eating our Peacock foodimal
This post (specifically the first photo in the post) is our entry into the tots100 / Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Competition. You can find more details here


  1. oh wow, that really is impressive, not only beautiful but healthy too, and a complete meal. I'm glad you used grapes because at first I thought they were olives and I don't like olives, so I'd be very happy to tuck into your peacock, except it's far too pretty to eat :) Good luck with the competition xx

  2. This is amazing, I love it, especially the 'feather' design - genius! Best of luck to you with the competition!

  3. You guys are SO creative! This is definitely the best one of these I've seen, you should win! x

    1. thanks Steph. There have been lots of creative entries on the linky. I love looking at them all - really inspiring to get creative with food. x


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