> The Beesley Buzz: Happy Birthday 8 year old!

Happy Birthday 8 year old!

Happy Birthday D! I made you a minion cake like you asked. Even made it to be your favourite minion 'Stuart'. Yet your verdict was: 'Weird' (although I think that you do actually like it really).

You also asked for an edible birthday card:

Have a great day and we wish you a wonderful year ahead. 


  1. Oh, Happy Birthday, D! That cake is fantastic and love the edible card! Hope he has a great day x

  2. Happy Birthday D! I hope you've had a fantastic day!!!

    That is an awesome cake and card xx

  3. Happy birthday!!! wow check out that cake and card, you have been busy. i hope he had a great day xxx

    1. thanks Pauly. Miss T spent the whole day saying 'minion cake'. x

  4. the card and cake look fab, I know one little boy who would love a minion cake for his 8th birthday next month


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