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300 Picture Books Challenge Update

We loved 'It's a book'

I haven't had a chance to blog too often about how we are getting on with our 300 picture books challenge (in fact, I think I've only managed one blog post about it so far). But we have been keeping our pinterest board of books read up to date and we are more or less on track to complete the Child Led Chaos Challenge of 300 books in a year. Ok slightly 'less' on track rather than 'more' but only by a few books. Nothing that a visit to the library can't fix anyway.
Miss T visiting the library

We borrowed quite a few from the library recently and I'm going to give a quick mention some of our recent reads which I've really enjoyed:

The Big-Hearted Book by Nicholas Allan
A lovely story of two friends by one of my favourite authors (Nicholas Allan's Jesus' Christmas Party is one of my all time faves). This book is sold in aid of The International Children's Heart Foundation and it was interesting to read at the back of the book that Nicholas Allan had heart surgery as a child and was partly how the book came about.

Don't Forget the Bacon by Pat Hutchins
A funny read which I think a lot of us will relate to in trying to remember our shopping list (and then still forgetting the main thing we needed - happens to me all the time!) I couldn't see the date published in the book but it has those seventies style illustrations that I just adore (think 'The Tiger who came to tea' style).

Zoe and Beans: Hello Oscar by Chloe and Mick Inkpen
D read this to Miss T and they both enjoyed trying to figure out where all the new pets in Zoe's garden had come from. I seem automatically drawn to Mick Inkpen books as he has an instantly recognisable style of illustration (and we love the Kipper books by him too).

Dog loves books by Louise Yates
I loved this story about this dog who was so passionate about books that he opened his own bookstore. It reminds us that the most important thing if you love books is to keep reading yourself as dog got absorbed in lots of adventures in his books.

Bear by Mick Inkpen
Another Mick Inkpen book that jumped out at me. A mischievous little bear arrives and at the very end it is up to us to decide whether they get to keep him!

It's a Book by Lane Smith
This book really gave us a giggle. With all the technology that we all use all day everyday, it does make me wonder though whether the day is coming when people won't quite understand how books work and that they don't need 'charging up'.

Monday Run-day by Nick Sharratt
A simple rhyming book introducing little ones to the days of the week with Nick Sharratt's bright colourful illustrations.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? by Eric Carle
With Eric Carle's distinctive artwork, this book introduces children to colours and animals. Eric Carle books always make me smile. Not just because they are lovely (which they are) but also because when J was first beginning to learn to read, he always read the words 'Eric Carle' as 'Ice Curry'. I have no idea why but we always laugh about that.

So they were some of our favourite reads this week. We hope to visit the library more soon too for more books!



  1. Thank-you for linking up, and what a lot of lovely books! We love The Big Hearted Book too, really great cause (I thought it would work for depression as well as heart problems, very versatile story for working through complex issues with children, or not!) Don't Forget the Bacon is one of my favourites from when I was little, and I'm now 38, I think it was published late 70's. My four year old shares my love of Pat Hutchins :-) Sorry for rambling, just really excited about your list as I know and love lots of them!

    1. I get excited about books I love too! x


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