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Joshua Captures the Colour in Travelsupermarket.com's Kids Capture the Colour

Ever since we found out about Travelsupermarket.com's Kid's Capture the Colour competition which is being judged by some fabulous bloggers, both boys have been carrying a camera with them EVERYWHERE and have taken hundreds of photos!
Nine year old Joshua's top photos are shown here. It is interesting to see just how important his brother and sister are to him as they featured in so many of his photos. If you were to chat with him, he would more likely tell you that the most important things in his life are his toys and playing computer games - so it was really special to see these photos speak louder than words. He might not always be able to express his emotions verbally because of his Aspergers, but with a camera it is clear to see just how much he loves his younger brother and sister.



It was no surprise to see that Blue Bear features in the 'blue' photo as Blue Bear is pretty much a fully fledged member of the family. It is the bear that Joshua chose for Daniel on the day Dan was born and he is probably the most loved bear in the universe.



Josh spotted this green car on a showroom forecourt and pulled his camera out saying "I want a car like that". When I pointed out that a car like that costs as much as a house, I think he may have changed his mind!


This photo that Joshua took of his brother with a big red monster at the Lollibop festival immediately evokes memories of summertime fun and a fabulous day out. That is one of the wonderful things about photos - by capturing that moment, you can relive those happy memories time and time again. 


I can't really find the words to go with this photo because to me it just speaks for itself. Joshua took it on a calm day (i.e. when he was feeling calm) and it was one of those perfect summer days where we weren't in a hurry to get anywhere or do anything so could just stroll along by the river and just enjoy the day.


We love the spot colour of the yellow sunglasses in this photo and how they stand out against the background. It is also special to us because the photo itself will remind us of the summer that Josh went everywhere with his camera as you can actually see the reflection of him in his green t-shirt taking the photo in the lens of the sunglasses.

This is 9 year old Joshua's entry into Travelsupermarket.com's Kids Capture the Colour competition. These are his top 5 photos that he has taken this summer for this competition.


  1. These are amazing photos! He should definitely win!! x

    1. ahh thanks Steph. He'll be so pleased to hear that. He did take zillions of photos overall - but these were our faves. xxx

  2. He has taken some truly beautiful shots x

    1. thank you Kara - he'll be so pleased to hear you like them x

  3. You got a winner in your hand! The picture that Joshua took of his brother with the red monster at the Lollipop festival looks like they had a lot of fun. To me, that’s what it’s all about…enjoying your childhood fun ‘coz you’ll have it only once.

    1. thanks for your comment Christian. We all had a great time at lollibop and that photo is a nice way of remembering it. xxx


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