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T at 17 months - a taste of new things

In the past month T has had a taste of play dough and glue. Quite literally in both cases as she couldn't resist putting some in her mouth!

Thankfully she seems to have got past the phase of putting small objects in her mouth but I guess sitting at the table for gluing and also to do play dough led to a bit of confusion.
Exciting new words this month too! Chocolate was one learnt quickly when she spotted daddy having chocolate spread, pointed to the jar and said 'coclet'. 

'Uh oh' is often followed by 'dropped it' when she has dropped something.

When we told her it was bad to drop things she started to say 'bad bad' (bah, bah).

She is able to ask for milk by saying a word that sounds a cross between 'more' and 'milk' and tapping on my chest. This is a new experience for me as I stopped breast feeding both the boys before the age of one and before they could 'ask' for milk. 

In the past few days, T has started to say her brothers names. D's being easier for her than J's name. She will also say certain animal sounds; woof, quack, moo, ooh ooh (monkey), roar (lion), bah, hiss. She will actually try copying most animal sounds including a cute wolf howl!

I think our recent trip to Longleat helped with the enthusiasm for animals. She even learnt how to say tiger although she always says it in a whisper.
Feeding the giraffes at Longleat

Seeing the lions at Longleat
She also tells us when she is stuck (tuck, tuck). Even if it is at times when she is supposed to be stuck i.e. strapped into buggy or high chair.
Banana is the other big word. Not sure if it is because she likes eating bananas so much or if it is because her brothers have watched the despicable me 'banana' mini movie so many times!

It never ceases to amaze me how much babies learn and how quickly they develop in their first couple of years. It was a year ago that we had our lovely visit to Green People and look how much she has changed in a year! 

And here she is today with some of her favourite Organic Babies and Children Products from Green People...What a difference a year makes eh?

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