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Wot So Funee - Going Bananas!

A few weeks ago we had a lovely day at Lollibop and one of our highlights was seeing Dick and Dom on the main stage.

One of the games they played which included audience participation was the banana race where the giant inflatable bananas were sent to the back of the crowd by being passed over the heads of everyone and back again to see which would be the fastest: Dick's side of the audience or Dom's side of the audience.

Well our family ended up divided because J had access to a raised platform due to his special needs along with me to look after him, so we ended up on Team Dom. But Daddy, D and T were left on Team Dick's side.

The bananas were thrown into the crowd and off they went with both teams getting off to a good start. When Team Dom's banana got to us, J promptly threw it back to start it's speedy journey back to reach Dom.

J's speedy action throwing the banana back

But when Team Dick's banana got to the back, it somehow ended up on 'our' side and J got hold of it and well...held it.

And then held onto it some more.

All this while Team Dick's side are shouting for the banana to be thrown back and on stage Dick and Dom start mentioning the little boy who is holding the banana.

Eventually J did throw it back but I think he did enough to sufficiently sabotage Team Dick's chances. Now this is beginning to sound a little like Radio 2's confession time because this is the bit where we need to plead forgiveness.

Forgiveness from Dick and Dom for ruining their banana race. Forgiveness from Team Dick for spoiling their chances at winning (they were pretty pants at the game so I don't think they would have won anyway) and forgiveness from any other bloggers that were there on the day who were on Team Dick's side. I have this massive fear that I am going to stumble upon someone's review of the day where they describe their whole day ruined by the banana-saga!

So now we have confessed. It was us. Me and J who were utterly guilty of sabotaging Dick and Dom's great banana race at Lollibop 2013.

Hoping to link up with Actually Mummy's Wot So Funee. (I have scheduled this post for Tuesday so hope I'll remember to pop back and link it up to the linky)

Wot So Funee?

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  1. I have never forgiven Dick and Dom for their while Bogies thing (not good when you teach teenagers!)so go ahead and sabbotage their banana!x

    1. ha ha love it! Thanks for your endorsement of our sabotage! x

  2. Yay, you remembered! I'm going to have fun on Twitter with this one ;)

  3. He he, brilliant! It will certainly be a memorable event for you!


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