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Nuby Every Step of the Way: Our year of being Nuby bloggers

Look out for our reviews coming up!
We recently received another lovely bundle of goodies to review from Nuby in our role as Nuby bloggers. We are nearing the end of our wonderful year of being Nuby bloggers and I have found myself reminiscing and remembering the products that we first reviewed for Nuby around a year ago.

I think of how much T has changed in that time from when we first found out that we had been selected as Nuby bloggers and that first bundle of goodies arrived, to seeing T get her first taste of solids using the Nuby Nibbler.

Her first bath toys and lots of further bath toys were all from Nuby and we were really impressed with what great value and quality the bath toys were!

Nuby products saw T through teething, and more teething as well as the first steps of weaning, and T's first use of cutlery for learning to feed herself. Their innovative Snack Keeper helped prevent those spillages with baby-led weaning and at snack times, and their gorgeous bandana style bibs helped keep T dry from all her dribbles.

Nuby helped T's transition from bottles to beakers over the past year and lots lots more. You can click on our 'Nuby Blogger' badge on the side bar to see more reviews.

So as I sat down to write up a review for one of the latest products we had been sent, I realised that Nuby really has been with us 'Every Step of the Way' just like their strapline says on some of their products.

So as I got side-tracked into reminiscing and feeling nostalgic, I guess the review will have to wait until another day. But I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to Nuby for a wonderful year and to say how lovely it has been working with them to review their products. They have also very kindly offered to provide some goodies for a giveaway at Christmas time, so keep an eye out for that!
Disclosure: As Nuby bloggers we receive and keep a selection of Nuby products for the purposes of review. No payment is received for this post and all opinions are our own.  

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