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My big night in - Bring a skill you love, learn a skill you dream of

If I had £750 to spend thanks to #TwoLittleFleas,
Here's how I'd plan a big night in for me.

(Well not just for me but also my friends)
This golden ticket invite I would send:

I love to learn new things but don't have the time,
to spend hours on a course or even tutorials online.

What better than friends coming together to share,
the things that ignite their passion, about which they care.

A few simple projects planned, easy to make,
Perhaps something to paint, sew, craft or bake?
Sharing nibbles and drinks, have a giggle and laugh,
Whilst making scented candles or soap for the bath?

So many ideas, so many talented chums,
I know they'd love to join in as they're all busy mums...
Who normally get very little time to themselves,
As they are so busy looking after their little elves.

As an added bonus everyone gets to go home with something they've made as a gift,
Having learnt new skills and given their confidence a lift.

This poem describes my idea for my big night in.

It has been inspired by my friends who have so many talents and skills that often go unnoticed in their day to day lives. This is a chance for us all to get together and have fun and share and inspire each other.

By learning some simple crafting tricks or to make little gifts you could end up saving yourself a small fortune in the run up to Christmas! (You may even find a new passion or discover a talent that could one day earn you a fortune)

The budget would go towards buying the materials and utensils for the big night in as well as some food and drink.

The materials would be for a small (quick and achievable) projects in some of the following areas: jewellery making, floristry, sewing, crafting e.g. cards or scrapbooking, baking / cake decorating, soap making, candle making.


The food would be inspired by dishes from around the world, because as well as being talented in arts, crafts and other skills, many of my friends are from different places and I always love tasting food and drinks from different countries and cultures.

This post is an entry into Two Little Fleas Blogger Competition over at Little Stuff.

Two Little Fleas is a bingo review site, but it is actually a lot more than a bingo review site. I was interested to see that you can find lots of inspiration and ideas about all sorts of things (not just bingo). 'The Hub' area is filled with ideas for things like Arts and Crafts, family fun ideas for games, and other interesting tips.

All photos in this post are our own.



  1. This is a brilliant idea, my mates are pretty talentless though ;) he, he, he x
    Actually, I bet we all have some hidden skills.

    1. yes I think everyone does have some skills that they may not even realise. thanks for popping by xxx


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