> The Beesley Buzz: 'Oppy' and 'Pah' have a bath!

'Oppy' and 'Pah' have a bath!

Meet Hoppy and Patch. Or rather 'Oppy' and 'Pah' as T calls them.

They are T's most favourite, most loved cuddly toys. She hasn't had them from birth, but when we found she couldn't sleep without cuddling a toy over her face, we decided to get Safedreams' Hoppy and Patch just to help us have a little more peace of mind. Otherwise we found ourselves awake through the night constantly moving her teddies away from her face.


But what happens when T becomes inseparable from Hoppy and Patch during the day too? She used to leave them in the cot but now reaches in and pulls them out so she can take them out and about everywhere with her.


As a result they get grubby more quickly and need to be washed more often, as well as the big fear of losing them which would mean a lack of sleep for everyone!
Hoppy and Patch had a bath

Time to get spares I think! 


  1. I met Oppy and Pah on Sunday morning, and they look like they enjoyed their bath, alot cleaner ;)

    1. She's not happy whilst they dry though! That's why we are going to get spare ones. x

  2. Ah so cute - all 3 of them :) and sssh, don't tell anyone, but my 8 year old still takes her soft toy everywhere with her - in the car at least!!

    1. my boys do too - J is 9 now but adores cuddly toys - So does D. x


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