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Wot So Funee - Recycling paper

'Star Wars by D aged 7'
Since D recently started school after several years of homeschooling, he seems to really be into making things from paper - paper planes, paper hats, paper purses, you name it, he seems to be making it from paper, sticky tape and scissors.

His room had become borderline fire-hazard with the number of items he had made so I had a tidy-up and put the paper-items into the recycling bin. To put this in context I usually find it really hard to throw out the things they make but this had just become ridiculous because there was so much of it with no sign of it being tidied up or for having been made for any particular purpose.

The very next morning...."mum...have you seen my paper planes/purses/hats I made for show and tell at school today?"

Huge panic on my part - gathered together a pile of fresh paper, scissors and sellotape and explained it was probably easier to make some new ones than to try to find the other ones!!!

One thing I couldn't bear to throw out though was a little picture I found of two stars with light sabres entitled 'Star Wars' - I just thought that was too cute! 

Linking up with Actually Mummy's Wot so Funee.

Wot So Funee?


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