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Our very own Seawig

Oliver and the Seawigs is a new children's book by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre and there is a really fab creative competition over at Tots100 so we couldn't resist making our own Seawig!

Whilst the book looks amazing and just the sort of read that my two sons would adore - they were both so exhausted today that neither had enough energy to get creative, so it was down to us girls - me and T got busy and made a Seawig to share:

Our seawig had an anchor, fishing nets, a boat, fishes, octopus, a mermaid, bits of seaweed and even a real seashell on it! And we made it as BIG as we could too.

You can find out more about Oliver and the seawigs here and even download a template to make your very own Seawig.

This post is an entry into the #Tots100Seawigs competition in association with jabberworks.co.uk. For more information see here.


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