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Today is a very exciting day!

Today T is 18 months old. She has nearly mastered her big brothers names, repeats a lot of words, says things like 'duddle' for 'cuddle' and 'ish' for 'fish'.

She will lean her head towards you and give a kiss. She picks up any object that looks like a phone and says 'hiya' (she has picked up phone-like objects from a really early age - under a year I think - and held them to her ear). We are not big phone talkers so it is amazing how babies pick up this idea even without having a parent that is glued to a phone.

On our journey going on our holiday last week we played a word association game and when we said T's name, both J and D at the same time said "cute". We have to agree she certainly is cute!

She has now been left for a few hours in childcare when we were away and although she didn't like it (i.e. she didn't like being left, I think she did actually enjoy the toys and resources there) - she was ok and I feel it was probably beneficial to both her and me to be able to spend a little time apart.

She has discovered she likes to eat raw dried pasta! She loves animals and says a few animal names and noises. If in doubt, she will say duck,duck or woof for any new animals she doesn't yet know depending on whether they are bird-like or a four legged creature.

And today, Friday 11th October 2013, T turns 18 months old.

The boys have been counting down to this day for a while now. They have been incredibly excited. And finally today is the day. The day they have been waiting for is finally here. It's true they do love their sister. In fact they totally adore her, but no she is not the reason that they are so excited about today...

Today, Moshi Monster's Katsuma Unleashed 3DS / DS game is released in the UK! They've seen the trailer. They LOVE Katsuma (J's online monster is a Katsuma) and they can't wait to get the game.

The other Moshi DS games (Moshling Zoo and Moshling's Theme Park) have proved extremely popular with my boys, so if Katsuma Unleashed lives up to expectations then it is bound to be another big hit!

The only trouble is we usually wait for birthdays and Christmases to buy the children any special new toys or games like these. I haven't broken the news to them yet, that although today is the release day, they might just have to be waiting a little bit longer. Unless of course, we celebrate T's 18 month birthday with a Katsuma Unleashed gift!

No payment has been received for this post. As big Moshi Monsters fans and as Official Moshi Bloggers we are happy to share information about Katsuma Unleashed being released on our blog.

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