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From Porridge to Pudsey!

A couple of years ago, I remember reading on the Daily Growl over at Moshi Monsters (in the days when I actually had time to look after my online monster before T was born), about a project that Moshi had supported which was feeding porridge to 457 students in Malawi.
We've loved Moshi Monsters for such a long time - and I will always be grateful to them for the difference that Moshi has made to my son's life (when he was at school he was told he had no creativity because of his ASD, yet since discovering Moshi Monsters he now spends hours on end designing and inventing his own moshling ideas as he has been so inspired by Moshi Monsters). But before reading the porridge story, I had no idea just how amazing, generous and caring Moshi Monsters is.
Since then, I have become aware of things they do behind the scenes that speak volumes about just how this mega huge thing that is Moshi actually really genuinely does care. 
And so it was no surprise to find out that Moshi Monsters will be supporting BBC Children in Need this year. Poppet and Katsuma visited Pudsey sporting the iconic multi-coloured spotty bandana to celebrate the partnership.

Whilst Moshi Monsters is J's number one love - he's a pretty big Pudsey fan too - so this news is music to his ears!
Here's some more information from the press release:

The activity was kicked off earlier this month when Pudsey stopped by Moshi HQ for a special broadcast, which aired on CBBC’s Newsround. The BBC Children in Need Mascot was seen exploring Moshi HQ and was made available to be bought in game on MoshiMonsters.com, where players can purchase the famous bear with their in-game currency (Rox). Alongside this as part of the partnership, Mind Candy and Vivid Toy Group have created 30,000 limited edition Spotty Moshlings Collectors Tins, with £3 of each sale going direct to the charity fundraiser.

 “BBC Children in Need does a fantastic job. Everyone here at Moshi Monsters is delighted to help them and hopefully we will continue to raise lots of money to support disadvantaged children and young people.” said Michael Acton Smith, Founder and CEO of Mind Candy.

 Moshi Foundation is an independent charity set up in 2011 by Mind Candy Ltd. The Foundation is a grant giving organisation supporting the advancement of education, relief of financial hardship, sickness and poor health in children and young people anywhere in the world. It is run by a team of Trustees who review and assess all grant requests. It has previously supported a wide range of charities, including, Kids in Need Foundation, African Promise, Medical Detection Dogs, Mary's Meals and Charity: Water.

The special BBC Children in Need Pudseys are now available on MoshiMonsters.com with the limited edition Spotty Moshlings Collector Tins available now. 

Photos courtesy of Moshi Monsters / 77 PR. No payment has been received for this post. We are happy to post this information as Official Moshi Bloggers and because we love Moshi Monsters and Pudsey!

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