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Moshling castle

J's been collecting boxes, tubes and other 'junk' for weeks now, and building a steadily growing pile of stuff to build with.

By now you will have realised that J is a huge Moshi Monsters fan. In fact, he is the self-proclaimed world's biggest Moshi fan.

So when his chance came to spend time with daddy to build a new junk model, he jumped at it. He decided it was the day to build... a Moshling Castle! We spent ages designing the castle, working out how big it should be and how to fit it all together. Everything was ready. The design was simple. Then came the idea to have a slide so the Moshlings could get from the battlements down to the top floor. Then the slide to get to the downstairs. Then the dungeon!

By the time the morning was over, and the tape was almost run out again, a new Moshling Castle had arisen from the scrap. Now in pride of place in J's room, the castle has been used every day for Moshi adventures.
Moshling castle.
As there are still dozens of boxes left, I'm sure we'll back for more junk modelling soon!

Daddy x

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