> The Beesley Buzz: Exciting news and Giveaway: Katsuma Unleashed game for 3DS

Exciting news and Giveaway: Katsuma Unleashed game for 3DS

As regular readers will know, our boys are HUGE Moshi Monsters fans and Moshi seems to get a mention in many of the blog posts we write. When J hears us telling others about how much he loves Moshi, he usually interrupts to point out that he is the worlds BIGGEST Moshi fan. Even younger brother D can tell just how much J loves Moshi Monsters and so doesn't try to rival his position as No.1 fan but goes on to describe himself as the second biggest Moshi fan in the world.

So you can imagine our delight and excitement at being able to tell you that we are now...Official Moshi Monsters bloggers!!!!
One of the things that J is most excited about is the upcoming release of a new Moshi Monsters game for DS and 3DS called Katsuma Unleashed. The game is released on 11th October and we've been counting down the days. Here's the trailer to get you really excited about it.

When our boys first watched this trailer they were shouting out words like 'cool' and 'awesome' so you can imagine the excitement that is building in this household in the run up to Katsuma unleashed being released.

And here's something exciting for you...the lovely people at Moshi Monsters are kindly offering one of our blog readers the chance to win your very own copy of the Katsuma Unleashed game for Nintendo 3DS.

Just fill in the rafflecopter form below. (If it is not appearing properly, then try refreshing the page.) The only compulsory entry is to leave a blog post comment below telling us what you think of the Katsuma Unleashed trailer and fill in the rafflecopter box telling me you have done so. Please don't leave anonymous comments as we need to be able to check you have completed your entry. All comments are moderated so may take up to a few days to appear. UK entries only please.

If you are not sure how to use Rafflecopter, there is a great guide over at SuperLucky.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Bonus entries:
Did you notice on the rafflecopter form that you can get up to 10 bonus entries by drawing a picture of Katsuma (or your favourite Moshi character) and posting it on our facebook page. This is a random draw so drawings won't be judged but it will earn you bonus entries into the draw so make sure you fill in that box on rafflecopter as well as posting the picture to our facebook page.

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  1. poppet, thanks for the chance to win this x

  2. Poppet

    Rachel Craig

  3. My neice loves Moshi Monsters and her 3ds

  4. Poppet!!

    Julie McLaren.

  5. I don't know any but my daughter likes them, she has a tin of collector figures that I simply don't know the names of!
    Sure she would love the game too

  6. Poppet we like

  7. Poppet - mostly because of the name!

  8. My grand daughter loves Diavlo

  9. my daughter likes Poppet :-)

  10. DEWEY
    Helen booth

  11. dewey

    michelle pierce

  12. predictable i know, but ... Poppet!

  13. Poppet!

    Helen Schofield

  14. The trailer was exciting!! Love Katsuma!

  15. my son loves katsuma, he carries a little katsuma figure in his pocket everywhere he goes, and sleeps with it under his pillow! bless him lol

  16. blue jeepers

    lisa ann tebbutt

  17. Poppet

    Twitter @tjsi1963


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