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Trinity's door

Trinity's new door stickers from Tiny Me
This is not a sponsored post and we haven't been asked to write this, but it is just a genuine sharing of a product we have been impressed with.

I recently won a voucher to spend at Tiny Me and we decided to get a personalised door sticker for Trinity's room as the boys both have their names on their doors but Trin didn't.

The stickers arrive printed onto a sheet in separate parts so the great thing is that with this design we could put the stickers up in any way we wished.

We ended up using the 'spare' bits on mum and dads door!

Mum and Dad's bedroom door
To start with I was so nervous about getting air bubbles trapped in or putting the stickers on wonky, but I really needn't have worried because these stickers are fully removable and repositionable.

Thank you Tiny Me for helping to brighten up Trinity's bedroom door!


  1. That is so cute..I love them x

  2. love them, they look v cute! can you add a link to Tiny Me though?! x

    1. Here's the website http://www.tinyme.co.uk/ they also have a facebook page too. x


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