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Children's Book Review: The Great Escape by Megan Rix

Review by Joshua, age 8

There are two children called Robert and Lucy and three pets. Two of them are dogs called Buster and Rose and a cat called Tiger.

There is a war so the children have to go to Devon. Their Dad goes into the war and their mum works on a floating hospital.

The pets are left behind. They try to get to Devon to the children.

Will they find the children? Will their Dad come back? Read to find out. I liked the book.

Mum says:
We actually read this book all together as the age guide on the back suggests age 9+ so I wanted to be sure it was suitable for both J (age 8) and D (age 6). It is set around the time of the second world war so it was helpful to read it together as there were some of the wartime concepts that the boys were not familiar with. We were able to talk about evacuation, rationing, gas masks, air raid shelters and how pets were affected in wartime Britain.

It certainly seemed to be a well researched book and I especially loved the part where Tiger gets to meet someone rather important!

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