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Time to celebrate!

Who would have thought it? Seven years ago we were blessed as Daniel arrived as our second child - a little brother to J. Back then, we could not have guessed that he would become the Brilliant Chef, such a kind-hearted and lovely boy, and a big brother himself to baby T.
Birthday boy!

Now, on the eve of Daniel's 7th birthday, we are celebrating his little sister's eleventh month and wondering just where the time has flown to!

T can now stand (with help), clap, say 'mumumum' and wave. She has also discovered that chocolate cake is never a bad thing, that she has the boys in her family wrapped securely around her little finger, and that she is much loved. 
There is never a wrong time for chocolate cake!

Over the past few months, we have been impressed by Daniel's growing independence, and amazed by his love of food... six years old and choosing prawn curry from the Nepalese restaurant at the weekend!
Still loving Moshi Monsters - Daniel Katsuma!

Nepalese prawn curry.

Daniel the bookworm.

I can't wait to see how they grow over the coming year!


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