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A homeschool day of having fun!

Lots of our homeschool days are fun, but today we made a deliberate attempt to avoid being too 'academic' for want of a better word and do something a bit more creative.

Mummy had been on a watercolour painting taster session at the weekend (probably the first bit of time I have had away from all 3 kids for as long as I can remember) and so was inspired to get the paints out and all have a go at being a bit creative.


We looked at how you can change the intensity of colour of watercolour paints by adding more water, we saw the difference between painting onto dry paper vs wet on wet painting, and experimented with granulation effects by using both fine salt and rock salt.

I'm sure everyone has tried out 'secret writing' using candles or wax crayons, but we also tried oil pastel pictures which we then 'washed' over with watercolours and that worked really well too.

They also did do another piece of drawing and story writing but we tried to make the focus on having lots of fun today as they had worked so hard on their workbooks last week.

We finished the day by eating D's fabulous new york cheesecake that he had cooked for us yesterday. So look out for the recipe on The Brilliant Chef soon.

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