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Splish Splash Fun!

Now you may well be looking at these photos and wondering why on earth I have entitled this blog post "Splish Splash Fun!" when there is no sign of splishing or splashing or any water at all. Well this is our review of Nuby's Splish Splash Stacking Cups which are designed for bath time fun.

But as you can see they make an equally great toy for having fun even when you are not in the bath! Trinity loved watching the cups being stacked up and then she had great fun knocking them down.

We have used them in the bath with Trinity too and she does love to hold them and watch the water run through the little holes in the bottom of each cup, but it always proved too tricky to get photos in the bath whilst juggling baby, the stacking cups and the camera at the same time.

There is a set of 5 colourful cups, each a different colour. Each also has a different shape on the base. Each one has a different number of holes for the water to pour out through too - so not only will babies be fascinated by seeing the different 'waterfall' volumes pouring through, but as they get to pre-school age these cups should also prove useful when learning to count, as well as learning colours and shapes in a fun splish splashy way.

They would also make a great addition to a water play table and I can imagine that Trinity would enjoy playing with these in the garden in the summer months.

The Nuby Splish Splash Stacking Cups are suitable from 9 months. Nuby have some other great fun toys for the bath too and you can see our other bathtime review here.

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