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Happy Birthday!


Updated to link up with Raisie Bay's cake linky:

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I had spotted a picture of the 'pigs in mud' cake on facebook and decided to have a go. I was pleased with how it turned out considering that baking is not one of my strong points!

I made two chocolate sponge cakes (with added beetroot) to get the height needed for the kit-kat barrel. Then made chocolate ganache to stick it all together and stick the kit-kats on. Finally the pigs were made from pink fondant icing.


  1. oh wow, that is lovely, you did really well. I've seen this cake done before and I'm itching to have a go myself. Thanks for linking up x

    1. thanks Anne. If I ever dare have a go at making a cake I try to opt for ones that look impressive but are quite straightforward to make. Love your idea for the cake linky. xxx


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