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The Center Parcs Chocolate Challenge!

Tots 100 Center Parcs Chocolate Challenge.

This months Tots 100 Center Parcs challenge is all about one of our family's most favourite things...Chocolate!

We have been challenged to share our chocolate innovations as we prepare for Easter. Easter can mean so many special things to different people from remembering the very foundations of the Christian faith; the cross, the tomb, the resurrection. Easter can remind us of a time of new beginnings with the signs of Spring waking the Earth up from it's Winter slumber with bulbs, roots, shoots, and blossom appearing all around us. Easter can be a time of family fun and chocolate Easter egg hunts. Well in our family Easter has come to have another special meaning...for the past couple of years, Easter time has coincided with....

....the return of Doctor Who to our TV screens!

So instead of chocolate Easter eggs, we have decided to celebrate with....

CHOCOLATE TARDIS (TARDIS' / TARDISES / TARDI ??? - what is the plural of TARDIS - Can anyone help me out here???)

The kids look forward to their Chocolate Tardis for Easter

The way we made these was by using a piece of plastic packaging from a free gift that came with the Doctor Who Magazine a couple of years ago. Although you may not be able to get hold of the exact same piece of plastic, the same principle works with other shapes you may come across.

We often make our own chocolate hearts using the old insert from an advent calendar, and we even managed to make these mini Daleks with the plastic from another free gift that came with a different issue of the magazine.
Chocolate Dalek.

I now just melt chocolate using a bowl over a pan of boiling water. I used to use the microwave, which sounds like it would be easier, but after managing to burn the chocolate on a regular basis, I found I have more success using the hob. Make sure a grown-up does this part if you are using the hob! The kids can join in with the pouring into moulds and decorating the chocolate afterwards using icing pens or sprinkles.

The great thing about moulding your own chocolate is that it is really simple to do and you get to choose your fave type of chocolate to use (for example, if you love white chocolate you can use that, or if you want to make sure you are using fair trade chocolate you can do that). Of course, you can be as creative and inventive as you like too and if, like us, you are a big Doctor Who fan you could end up with your very own chocolate TARDIS.

Have fun!

This is our entry into the Tots100 Center Parcs Blogger Family Chocolate Challenge. You can see our previous challenges by clicking on the links below:
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  1. Fab idea!! You should SO win this one, very innovative for sure... take me with you if you get to go??! I LOVE Center Parcs!! :)

    1. thanks Steph. These are such fun challenges to take part in - we have loved joining in with every single one! x

  2. Are they bigger on the inside????(!)

    1. ha ha - now that would be good wouldn't it! We made them to be solid chocolate rather than hollow chocolate like easter eggs usually are - so that's got to be a bonus, eh?

  3. Love it! A chocolate Tardis, brilliant idea. Fingers crossed for you this month xx
    p.s. now you'll have me hoarding every bit of plastic I come across in case I want to use it to make chocolate shapes from it.

    1. thanks Anne. I know what you mean about hoarding - I am forever keeping packaging, yogurt pots, glass jars and cardboard boxes in case they come in handy for arts, crafts, cooking etc. xxx

  4. Fab idea - I think my husband thought I'd gone mad when I was saving the inside of an advent calender - hasn't thought of using magazine type stuff x

  5. What a great idea. Looks fab. I get excited about Dr Who coming back too!

    1. I know - we can't wait. I think it is due to return to our screens on 30th march! xxx


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