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Bucket list dreams

Apparently seeing the northern lights is top of most bucket lists... and it is certainly something we would love to do. But we have put together our top three destinations that we would love to go to - our bucket list dreams. And our dreams are of extremes...

1. Deep jungle
Heading far off the the beaten track into the deep South American rainforest. Seeing the wonders of nature, the colours and movement, hearing the sounds, and being completely enveloped in the vivid wild world. We would love to be away from it all, away from the well-trodden paths with just the jungle canopy above.

2. Extreme desert
Again far from both the glitzy developments and the historic ancient ruins, we would love to visit a place away from everyone and everything else. Deep out in the Sahara desert, with just the stars above. Seeing the wonders of the night sky, with stars and galaxies and planets. We would take a telescope, but would also just lie back and see the heavens turn on their eternal axis.

3. Penguin heaven
After two remote places, here is our third. Not only far away, not just isolated, but also more difficult to get to, more pristine... and a whole lot colder. The Antarctic, surrounded by the beautiful ice and snow, watching the penguins in their unique suits and enjoying the serenity that only this isolated one-of-a-kind place can bring.

Yes, all three are extremes. Places that are hard to get to, off the beaten track, away from the crowds and bright lights and human intervention. But places where we can see the true beauty of this world - the plethora of birds and animals and plants in the rainforest, the awesome heavens above the desert, and the pristine unspoilt icy world of the penguins. 

The only other thing we would need to add to our bucket list ... to befriend Bear Grylls and take him with us!

This is our entry into the #TransunLights Blog Competition. All images used are our own.


  1. Good Luck! I have so many things on my list these would all be fab x


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