> The Beesley Buzz: GIVEAWAY and Review: ShoutyKid 2 - How Harry Riddles Mega-Massively Broke The School

GIVEAWAY and Review: ShoutyKid 2 - How Harry Riddles Mega-Massively Broke The School

You may remember us getting very excited reviewing the first ShoutyKid book last year: How Harry Riddles made a Mega-Amazing Zombie Movie. We loved that book. It was just the kind of book that my boys really enjoy reading. A fun light-hearted read that is sure to have them giggling.

So you can imagine how happy we were to hear that the second ShoutyKid book was out - called ShoutyKid: How Harry Riddles Mega-Massively Broke The School.

Once again written in this clever, original style of telling the story as a series of emails, letters, texts and webchat conversations, author Simon Mayle guides us through Harry's latest dilemmas and issues in life.

Amongst which the impending unexpected arrival of twins in his family features, as well as a footie tournament which doesn't bode well for Harry's school. Harry's favourite video game, World of Zombies is still very much part of the storyline once again too.

Just to give a little flavour of the book, here are a couple of the letters that Harry has written. This one is to Prince George about the twin issue in Harry's life:

And to help with his football dilemma, who else would Harry write to. None other than football legend David Beckham of course:

J and D are loving the ShoutyKid series of books. They remember their own little sister Miss T being born and so could relate to the idea of new babies arriving in the family. They both also enjoy gaming so they think Harry is pretty cool for being a gamer too. But best of all they enjoy the style of the books. Easy to read and funny. 


And now for the chance to get your hands on your own copy of ShoutyKid - How Harry Riddles Mega-Massively Broke The School, just fill in the rafflecopter form below. Entries will be checked.
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If you are not lucky enough to win, you can buy your own copy of ShoutyKid - How Harry Riddles Mega-Massively Broke The School on Amazon.

And lookout for book 3 in August 2015! Visit Shoutykids website for hilarious blog entries, competitions and learning resources at www.shoutykid.co.uk
ShoutyKid 3 is due out later this year! 

HarperCollins kindly sent us a copy of this book for the purposes of review and are also providing a copy for the giveaway.

UK competitions at ThePrizeFinder - See more at: http://www.theprizefinder.com/content/shoutykid-book-how-harry-riddles-mega-massively-broke-school#sthash.KZqIZI5K.dpuf
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  1. I've never heard of Shoutykid before, it sounds right up Boo's street :)

  2. I;m the same as Sonia, never heard of this before #LAB

  3. I think big man would like this. At the moment he chuckles to Tom Gates. I love it x

  4. My daughter would love this, sounds a laugh


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