> The Beesley Buzz: Celebrating D's birthday with Mario Party 10

Celebrating D's birthday with Mario Party 10

As Nintendo Family Bloggers, the very kind and lovely people at Nintendo sent us a party pack to celebrate the recent release of Mario Party 10 for Wii U. It was pefect timing for D's birthday as he turned 9 in March.
Instead of a big party, he decided that he wanted to have a few friends round after school to play computer games. It meant that we could put the party pack to good use!

Mario Party 10 is the 10th game in the Mario Party series where players play on a 'board game' on the Wii U by competing in minigames. It supports play using Amiibo figures like the bowser one we were sent.

You can see the trailer and find out more here.

Thank you Nintendo for sending us these goodies to celebrate the release of Mario Party 10! 


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