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Wot So Funee? Miss T at nearly 3

I've lost track of where Wot So Funee is being hosted lately, but Miss T has said some real gems lately that I need to keep note of, so I will try to track down and link up on Tuesday, but if I don't manage to link up, then at least I've kept a record of Miss T's funee sayings. I've also fallen way behind on her monthly updates with the last one being in December I think, and she is very nearly 3 now so definitely time for an update. I guess with all the bad stuff going on in her life, I somehow don't want to capture that as memories and I remember it being the same when my arthritis started at age 9. There are remarkably few photos of me at that age because it is something you want to get through and not keep remembering. I guess I just need to make up for it by capturing the good stuff. So here are her 'funees':

2/4/2015 Eating cupcakes, she unpeels that cupcake wrapper and says about her cake: "it's not got clothes anymore"

I then spot this on hubby's facebook feed later that evening:

14/3/2015 Whilst washing hands with the warm tap: 'that tastes too hot'.

17/3/2015 I heard her say 'goodness sake' - When I asked where she learnt that she said 'from daddy'. She'll often say 'my goodness' too which I know she's picked up from me. I even saw her shaking her head in disbelief once saying under her breath 'it's a joke' like she was fed up with something.

13/03/2015 We were talking about April showers when she announces 'I have April bath not April shower'.

18/03/2015 She's been recognising letter T for her name for about a month or so. Now she'll think that anything and everything with a letter T on it is hers. She says 'that one mine, it's got 'Teh' on it'. She's also recognising 'D' for her brothers name.

So despite everything, she's been amazingly brave and brilliant. Taking 4 types of prescription meds (some of which are unlicensed for children) and having to take these meds 8 times a day has taken its toll on her and she's now getting fed up of it. She's having steroid eye drops 4 times a day as they found she has Uveitis. If left untreated this can cause glaucoma and cataracts. It is something that often goes hand in hand with Juvenile arthritis but we were unprepared for that news as we thought it was more a precaution to have her eyes checked. Unfortunately things are going to get worse before they get better as weekly Methotrexate injections and 2 weekly blood tests to monitor the effect of methotrexate on her liver will start in a few weeks time and she'll have to keep going with her other meds at the same time to start with until she can gradually wean off the Naproxen in favour of the Methotrexate which we are hoping will be effective in preventing joint damage occuring as well as providing pain relief. The side effects and things we are going to have to be monitoring means that life as we know it is going to change. A lot. But there is no choice as we need to be looking at preventing the joint damage occuring.

So things have been tough for her...

But most the time she keeps on smiling...

Wot So Funee?


  1. Oh gosh I was chukling away, she has such great little mannerisms and saying and then I read about her meds and 8 times a day. May our Lord strengthen you all Rebecca. Mich xx

  2. Aw she does look adorable in that last photo.

    Definitely a hard time with all the meds, but hopefully they'll hold off as you're hoping.

    Loving her funnees. We also get 'goodness sake' and similar. So funny when they come out with 'adult' phrases.

    1. thanks Emma. Yes those phrases are so cute - especially funny when we hear ourselves being repeated in what they say. x

  3. Such good memories captured, and so sorry about the bad times. I do really hope that the bad times get better and that the good times stays longer. Love the the 'April bath' comment. Scary how much they pick up from us, hey! #aNoviceMumCommentLuv


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